About Me!

Hi, my name is Sydney Reichhardt and I am a junior at Montana State University. I am majoring in Food and Nutrition, and I will complete both the Dietetics and Nutrition Science options of this degree. I originally chose Food and Nutrition with the Nutrition Science option as my major freshman year with the intention of continuing on to medical school. However, two years and several nutrition classes later, I decided that I really did enjoy nutrition after all. With this in mind, I added on the Dietetitcs option to my major. I am happy to say that I will still be able to complete my undergraduate coursework and four years, and that this will even include a study abroad this coming May to South Africa! I will graduate in May 2013, and at this time, with any luck, I will begin a dietetics internship. After many years of having a growing passion of working with individuals with developmental disabilities, I hope to be able to focus my career on the nutritional concerns of these individuals.

In addition to focusing on my studies, I work three jobs. I serve as a tutor to an international student from Saudi Arabia, I am doing an AmeriCorps position where I work as the Community Development Specialist for Girl Scouts of Montana and Wyoming, and I also work weekend relief at a group home for adults with developmental disabilities.  In my free time, I enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, snowshoeing, and swimming in each and every body of water I can find. I also love to cook! I have been a vegetarian for over six years, and I like to find and adapt new recipes to be enjoyed by all.

I am starting this blog for a class I am currently taking: Nutrition and Society. This blog will serve as an exploration of the text and other material for the course.


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